Queuing up for vote.
Queuing up for vote. IDF Spokesman's Unit

Chaim Avraham, a member of the Central Elections Committee, told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday that he has seen a record number of undecided voters.

“You see people who are unsure even while entering the polling station on elections day,” he said. “You feel the confusion.”

“People are confused and indecisive,” he continued. The reason may be the wide variety of choices, he added. “There are 34 parties – that’s a lot.”

Avraham, whose son Benny fell in battle in a Hizbullah kidnapping, spent the past few days observing elections in the IDF. Soldiers’ votes will be counted only on Wednesday, after it can be ascertained that they voted only through the IDF, and did not vote as civilians on Tuesday.

Avraham expressed hope that the results of the elections will be good for the nation. “My wish for the nation of Israel is that it chooses the party that will provide the best leadership in face of the serious challenges we face,” he said.