Women boarding bus.
Women boarding bus.Israel news photo: Flash 90

Egged is preparing for a busy day Tuesday as the nation goes to vote. In addition to students and others who travel between cities to reach their hometown voting station, many are expected to be using buses to take advantage of the day off by traveling.

Voters who reside more than 20 kilometers from their designated voting station are eligible for a card allowing them to travel for free. Cards can be obtained at any local central bus station.

Residents of Eilat who need to travel on voting day may order a seat on a bus by calling customer service at *2800.

“We’re preparing to help hundreds of thousands of citizens reach the polling station to take advantage of their right to vote,” said Egged manager Nir Landau. “Due to the fact that it’s a day off, there will be scheduling changes, and we recommend that travelers check for updates by calling customer service at *2800.”

Customer service will be working as usual, he said.