Man immerses himself in the Kinneret
Man immerses himself in the Kinneret Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) hit a milestone Sunday morning as the surface of the lake rose to 210 meters and 90.5 centimeters below sea level. The freshwater lake is now halfway between two “red lines.”

The lower line marks the point at which it becomes dangerous to draw drinking water from the lake. The upper line marks the point at which authorities must open the Degania Dam to keep the lake from cresting.

The lake rose by 16.5 centimeters over the past week despite the fact that rain and snow ended more than a week ago. It is now 2 meters and 10 centimeters over the red line, and 2 meters and 10 centimeters under the upper red line.

The major rainstorms that began over two weeks ago and caused flooding in Modiin, Hadera, Bat Hefer and elsewhere brought the Kinneret up by 78 centimeters in a single week.

Water Authorities officials are hoping for rain to resume in the near future in order to keep the lake rising. The rainy season has another two months to go, and the hope is that the Kinneret will rise until mid-May.

Weather forecasters say no rainstorms are expected in the upcoming several days.

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