Bayit Yehudi ad
Bayit Yehudi ad Israel news photo: EDK

The Likud Beytenu has filed a complaint over a Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) ad that shows Likud leader Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu side-by-side with Jewish Home head Naftali Bennett.

The ad reads, “Strong together –Vote Bennett,” a reference to the Jewish Home party’s argument that it will help Likud by joining a Likud-led coalition and providing support from the right.

According to Likud attorneys, the ad’s creators were attempting to fool Likud supporters. “The purpose of these posters and billboards is to trick voters,” they told the Elections Committee.

The ad fools the public “by sending the misleading, false message that the Prime Minister is turning to citizens who lean toward voting for Likud Beytenu and saying, ‘don’t vote for me, but for my partner, vote for Naftali Bennett,’” they argued.

Bayit Yehudi is specifically targeting those voters who are likely to choose Likud Beytenu, they added.

They noted that while the ads give the impression that Likud Beytenu and Bayit Yehudi will definitely be in a coalition together, “There has never been any agreement or understanding to that effect.”

Likud Beytenu is asking that the offending ads be removed by Friday evening.

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