Poster from anti-Zionist rally
Poster from anti-Zionist rallyShalom Toronto

The B'nai Brith Canada organization filed a complaint to police about an anti-Zionist protest which took place this past Monday at the Pakistan consulate in Vaughan, Ontario. 

A leaflet publicizing the event called the "massacre of Shia Muslims" going on in Pakistan a "Zionist plot," claiming Israel is responsible for the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the country which has taken its toll in almost daily bomb blasts, Shalom Toronto reported. 

In an official statement, B'nai Brith said the protest may encourage violence against the Jewish community in Canada and that protests of its kind only serve to cause incitement.  

"Unfortunately, the Jewish community has long been accustomed to the distribution of propaganda designed to inflame anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish sentiments," said B'nai Brith chairman Frank Diamant.

"However, the appalling nature of the flyer…comes to a blood libel that crosses all borders. It raises all of the standard arguments against Jews and Israel as being responsible for all of the sickness in the world," he continued. 

"This is an attempt, which gets its inspiration from Iran, to divert attention from the real atrocities in Pakistan. The incitement of such hatred has no place in Canada's public domain."