About 200 Arabs from the village of Urif in the Binyamin region took advantage of the snow last weekend to penetrate into the perimeter of a Jewish outpost near Yitzhar. The outpost only held a small number of boys at the time.

Local residents alerted the Military Security Coordinator, who traversed the snow-covered roads in his patrol jeep. Residents of Yitzhar were also alerted, as was the IDF. Some of the Yitzhar residents drove 4x4 vehicles to the location while others made it there by foot.

The military force took an hour to arrive.

For over 30 minutes, the Arabs hurled rocks at the Jews and at a certain point a group of Jews decided to charge at the Arabs although they were more numerous. The Arabs began to run away toward their village, while Jews gave chase.

At that point, a small military force made it to the scene and gave chase. It entered the village, where it was met by a hail of rocks. The force used tear gas grenades to bring the rioters under control.

Avraham Binyamin, spokesman for Yitzhar, told Arutz Sheva that the event was not the first of its kind in recent weeks. "In the last few weeks," he said, "a permanent rioting location of sorts is developing near Yitzhar. The disturbance by the Arabs of Urif is almost a daily routine. Dozens of Arab youths ascend from the village to the 'Giv'a Sruga' hill south of Yitzhar, and confront IDF soldiers and Border Police.

"In accordance with instructions for all of Judea and Samaria's hot spots," he added, "security forces must only use riot dispersal gear against the rioters, who are not afraid to throw back the gas canisters that were fired at them, alongside with rocks."