M75  snow missile, near Temple Mount
M75 snow missile, near Temple Mount Yoni Apler

Some children ventured out across the snow-covered regions of Israel Thursday to build snowmen and igloos while others, it seems, took a more shocking and sinister interpretation on the idea of a snow sculpture.

A picture has been circulating online Thursday, featuring a missile made of snow, built on the Temple Mount near the al-Aqsa mosque, with M75 written across it.

The “M75” missile was fired for the first time by Hamas during Operation Pillar of Defense, and has a range of up to 80 kilometers (about 50 miles). The missiles are manufactured locally in Gaza, using technology and parts provided by Iran.

It was the long range "homemade" Hamas M75 missiles which Gaza terrorists fired at civilian targets in Jerusalem and which missed the mark and exploded instead in Gush Etzion during the operation.

The M75 missile was hailed by terrorists in Gaza as a weapon that changed the balance of power between Israel and Hamas, as terrorists for the first time were able to launch rockets as far as Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Residents of Gaza glorified the weapon and hailed the M75, with one Gaza shopkeeper even naming a perfume after the rocket following the military operation. And it seems, as seen in this picture, the glorification of violence and destruction, has not ceased.