Arutz Sheva readers have sent in the following photos, most of which are from Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

(Videos by Yoni Kempinski)

While heavy rains are not particularly newsworthy in northern countries, Israel has known water shortages at least ever since the days of Biblical Patriarchs Abraham and Jacob, who moved to Egypt for parts of their lives because of a lack of grazing ground in the Land of Israel.

The Shmoneh Esre prayers recited daily by observant Jews include the "Mashiv Haruach" prayer which praises G-d "He who makes the wind blow and makes the rain descend." In addition, the Shma prayer makes a connection between righteous behavior and timely rains:

"And it will be, if you will diligently obey My commandments which I enjoin upon you this day, to love Hashem your G-d and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul, I will give rain for your land at the proper time, the early rain and the late rain, and you will gather in your grain, your wine and your oil. And I will give grass in your fields for your cattle, and you will eat and be sated."