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MK Yaakov Katz Flash 90

Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home) will receive at least 20 seats in the elections on January 22, MK Yaakov "Ketzaleh" Katz predicted on Thursday.

Katz spoke to Arutz Sheva after a lengthy period in which he did not give any interviews to the media. Katz, who headed the National Union in the outgoing Knesset, chose to retire from politics and not be placed on the joint Jewish Home-National Union list.

"We're lucky, with G-d's help, to be seeing that the work which we did for four years is taking shape, and the Jewish Home will have twenty seats in the upcoming elections," said Katz. "Even Dr. Moshe Danino, number twenty on the list, will be in the Knesset. This is great news that will allow Prime Minister Netanyahu to form a government loyal to the land of Israel with its main partner being the more loyal and idealistic public."

Katz, who said he prefers not to focus on his reasoning for not running, praised the Jewish Home Knesset list, saying, "The move is being led by Naftali Bennett and there are also people from the National Union like MK Uri Ariel, Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, Zevulun Calfa, Orit Strook, Rabbi Hillel Horowitz and Nachi Eyal."

He added, "In the past I predicted that the party will get 15 seats and talked a lot about it in the Knesset, but now I have a feeling that the Jewish Home led by Naftali can lead a revolution and have 20 Knesset members, above and beyond all expectations. It is important that Chabad Chasidim unite and give the votes to those who will give power to the new government to protect the land of Israel."

Katz dismissed the Likud's latest campaign, which has targeted the members of the Jewish Home for their supposed remarks in favor of exclusion of women, noting that there are no less than four women in the first 18 spots on the Jewish Home list.

"Our women are the best," he said. "Our women are promoted most often. Our public is the most advanced one when it comes to women. The Likud's statement has no chance. This is a war by a party with a split and unhealthy vision. They will finish with around 30 seats. The public wants a straight, healthy and virtuous vision."

The Jewish Home under Bennett's leadership has gained momentum despite attempts by the Likud to directly target the party.

The weekly poll taken on behalf of Kol Yisrael radio by the Geocartographia polling organization and released Thursday gave the party 18 seats, tied for second largest party with Labor.

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