police officer in NY
police officer in NYReuters

A New York man and woman have been arrested in Manhattan after authorities said they found a substance used to make bombs, a sawed off shotgun and papers titled "The Terrorist Encyclopedia" in their apartment.

Morgan Gliedman, 27,vand Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested Saturday after officers discovered a plastic container with 7 grams of HMTD, a highly explosive white powder used in bomb making, police announced.

Authorities also found numerous documents containing instructions on how to assemble bombs, as well as a collection of pages that had a cover page entitled "The Terrorist Encyclopedia" and a booklet entitled "Deadly Homemade Weapons."

The two suspects are being charged with felony possession of an explosive with intent to use, and felony criminal possession of a weapon, the district attorney's office said, according to CNN.

Police said they will continue to investigate whether the couple had any larger plans or ties to terrorist groups.

Greene was held without bail after he appeared in state court in Manhattan on Sunday. Gliedman, who was nine months pregnant when she was arrested, went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl. She was hospitalized and had not yet appeared in court, according to repots.

Police said Greene was arrested in a 2005 assault case for which he was sentenced to a year in jail. He was also reportedly arrested in February for alleged possession of a rifle, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia. Gliedman also has a police record.

According to the district attorney's office, Greene was arraigned Sunday afternoon and has a Friday court date. Gliedman is awaiting arraignment, CNN reported.