Hareidi woman (illustration)
Hareidi woman (illustration) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Almost one-third of Israelis think the government should cut funding for the hareidi-religious community, according to a new poll from TNS-Teleseker. The poll, conducted for Walla!, was published Monday.

Those polled were asked the following question, "The next government will need to make spending cuts in the national budget. In your opinion, where should the government cut the most from the national budget?"

 32.2% said the government should cut funding for the hareidi community, while 21.2% wanted to cut the budget for Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. Salary cuts for elected officials came in at a distant third, with 12.5% calling to cut primarily bureaucracy and government salaries.

Only 1.1% called to cut the education budget, and just 0.7% called to cut welfare and similar programs for the needy.

The poll follows the release of several pre-elections ads and statements condemning inequalities between the monthly payments given to IDF soldiers and the state benefits available for needy full-time Torah scholars with families. The latter are primarily hareidi-religious men, many of whom received an exemption from military service.