Elbit's Hermes UAV
Elbit's Hermes UAV Israel news photo: Elbit Systems

Haifa-based Elbit Systems has won a $315 million contract for unmanned systems, electronic warfare and aerial and land systems.

Elbit has grown into an international company, and its customers include the United States as well a countries on every continent.

The Israeli contracts relate to the following areas:

Avionics Systems: Battle management systems and avionics for helicopters, virtual training for the Israeli Air Force's fighter aircraft array and operation and maintenance services for the IAF's Flight Academy, for a total of approximately $75 million, covering deliveries over a six-year period.   

Unmanned Systems: Hermes 900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to be supplied within three years, as well as maintenance services for UAS over a period of eight years, for a total value of approximately $90 million.  

Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems: Systems for F-15 and F-16 fighter aircraft and for the Navy's Missile Vessels, for a total amount of approximately $90 million, for supply over the next four years.  

Electro-Optic Systems: Advanced observation and long-range target acquisition systems, for a total amount of approximately $25 million, to be supplied over a three-year period.  

Land Systems: Cardom electronic and mortar artillery systems, known in the Israel Defense Forces as "Keshet", for a total value of approximately $35 million, for supply over a six-year period.  

Elbit Systems employs approximately 10,000 people in Israel and provides work for an additional approximately 7,000 workers through local subcontractors.