Here is an old story with a new twist: Arabs and Jews claim the same land. IDF separates the two sides, tells them nobody will work the land - and then protects the Arabs as they plow.

Jews in Tapuach, in northeastern Samaria, were working the land on Friday when Arabs came and claimed ownership. The IDF hurried to the scene to separate the two sides and told them that on Sunday, no one could work the land until a court decides who has ownership.

Sunday arrived, and so did the Arabs and the IDF.

Arutz Sheva filmed the soldiers protecting the Arabs as they plowed the land, and the alleged Arab owner said, "Today I got a permit, and as you can see, the soldiers are here protecting us. I feel great.”

Tapuach resident Yekutiel ben Yaakov told Arutz Sheva that a Jew by the name of Sayadia from Yehud, near Tel Aviv, bought the land 30 years ago.

“The Arab claims are lies,” he said. “The court decided that after 60 days, it will tell both sides if there is a need to continue the case. If there is, the Arabs will have a problem and will have to prove their case.

"But after 45 days, with the help of a leftist IDF officer, they have grabbed the land.

“The army acts like United Nations troops and even worse, they support the Arabs. This land is at a strategic point, and we cannot just plain give it up.”