MK Rabbi Amsallem
MK Rabbi AmsallemFlash 90

MK Rabbi Haim Amsallem, head of the Am Shalem party which broke away from Shas, continued Thursday to attack Shas and its leaders.

He published a letter that he sent to one of Shas's three political leaders, Aryeh Deri, in which he tells Deri that he is "not a real Sephardi."

Amasallem's letter charged that a person who takes pride in the fact that he graduated from the Lithuanian (Ashkenazi-Hareidi) Hevron Yeshiva, and who sends his children to Ashkenazi yeshivas "cannot speak on behalf of Sephardim."

Rabbi Amsallem, who thinks most hareidim should serve in the military and work for their livings, asked Deri rhetorically: "Do you still dare to speak for Sephardim and promise them an honorable living?"

"Only the path of our moderate and enlightened Sephardic forefathers, which combines Torah with creativity and working for a living, will bring salvation to the public that groans under the poverty that you and your comrades have brought upon us."

A few days ago, Rabbi Amsallem attacked Shas's venerated spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, for presiding over a network of rabbinical courts that make money, according to Amsallem, at the expense of the weaker sectors.