Hareidi-religious boys in Meah Shearim
Hareidi-religious boys in Meah Shearim Israel news photo: Flash 90
The Kadima party's "campaign of incitement" is likely to end in murder, with a soldier shooting at a full-time Torah student (avreich), hareidi-religious MK Yisrael Eichler (Yahadut Hatorah) said Tuesday.
Speaking to Hakol Diburim, Eichler called on the Elections Committee to ban the slogan before it causes violence.
The slogan in question is, "Eight hundred shekels for a soldier, three thousand four hundred shekels for an avreich," a reference to the monthly stipend given to IDF soldiers. It was not immediately clear how the figure of 3,400 shekels per full-time Torah student was calculated, as many Torah scholars receive far less. 
Eichler argued that the slogan put the party on a "slippery slope" in regards to the way it relates to the hareidi community.
MK Yochanan Plesner of Kaimda was unimpressed by Eichler's warnings, and termed his comments "unusually brazen." The latest campaign slogan, "is not against hareidim, it's pro-soldiers," he said.
Plesner argued that in addition to the 800 shekels that full-time Torah scholars recieve each month from their yeshiva, they also get discounts on city tax, benefits from the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi), income benefits and sometimes housing benefits as well.
It should be noted that all the benefits listed by Plesner aside from direct yeshiva payments are tied to income and family size, and are not given to all Torah students.
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