Soldiers patrol Jordanian border
Soldiers patrol Jordanian borderIsrael news photo: IDF spokesmen

A plurality of Israelis don’t believe Israel’s political leaders and would not buy a used car from them, but they trust Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu more than anyone else on security, according to a new poll.

The survey carried out by Dialog and published in Haaretz, revealed no surprises in the expected lineup for the next Knesset.  

When asked which politician can be believed, a plurality of 22 percent answered “none.” Among those who named someone, Prime Minister Netanyahu was at the “top,” with 18 percent believing him, followed by Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett, with 14 percent. Tzipi Livni earned only 10 percent of “believers,”, followed by Shas’ state politician Aryeh Deri and Labor's Yechimovich, each with 9 percent. Yair Lapid’s support in the “believer" category was a paltry 7 percent, followed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, with 5 percent.

One-third of the respondents said they would not buy a used car from any of them. Only nine percent would purchase a used vehicle from Netanyahu or Knesset Member Shelly Yechimovich, and other political leaders scored even worse.

As for Israel Beyteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman, recently indicted on a charge of breach of trust, a grand total of 2 percent would buy a used car from him.

However, when it comes to security and the economy, Netanyahu led the pack with support of 38 percent on security matters and 37 percent on economic issues.

No one else came even close. Only 9 percent trust Bennett on security, and 8 percent trust Livni.

On economic issues, Yechimovich  won 14 percent, while 8 and 4 percent trust Livni and Bennett respectively

The poll also asked if soldiers should carry out an order even if their conscience told them not to do so. A solid majority of 59 percent answered that a soldier must not refuse orders, and only 29 percent thought that he should refuse.

As for the next Knesset, the only major changes from previous polls were that the combined Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home)-Ichud Leumi (National Union) slate now is projected to win 13 seats, one more than in previous surveys, and Shas is projected to have 13 Knesset Members, two more than awarded n previous polls.

Otzma Leyisrael, headed by MKs Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari, would not win enough votes to enter the next Knesset, according to the poll. Similarly, Kadima and Am Shalem would be shut out.