Kav Lachayim child with volunteers
Kav Lachayim child with volunteersYedidya Kellerman

Special needs children and volunteers from the northern branch of Kav Lachayim enjoyed a special Sabbath at Hispin in the Golan Heights.

Kav Lachayim helps children suffering from serious illnesses, complex disabilities, and rare symptoms. Atara Schwartz, a volunteer, told Arutz Sheva, "We arrived at Hispin on Friday morning. We gathered at the Youth House and every child, along with his instructors, received the name of the family with which they would be staying and having a Shabbat meal in the morning."

On Sabbath eve everyone gathered for a festive meal. "The children danced in circles with the wheelchairs, it was especially happy," said Schwartz. In the morning, the children had breakfast with the host families at Hispin and then visited the Bnei Yisrael water reservoir in the community.

In the afternoon seuda shlishit ("third meal"), children from the community dined together with the children from Kav Lachayim. "The families prepared the food for the meal and it was very moving to see this exciting connection between the families of Hispin and the special children. They sang seuda shlishit songs; it was amazing and it was all thanks to the dear volunteers and the families that committed themselves to the mission."

The children and the volunteers took part in all of the prayers at the central synagogue of the community. This is the fourth year in which the families of Hispin host the children of Kav Lachayim.

Photos: Yedidya Kellerman