Foreign leftists at protest
Foreign leftists at protestIsrael news photo: Flash 90

While the Israeli left has been extremely critical of hareidi Jews who pressure others to dress modestly, it turns out that sometimes the left supports modest dress. The extreme-left Magazine Hakibush (Occupation Magazine) recently called on its readers to dress modestly and respect community norms – when visiting Palestinian Authority Arab areas.

The magazine called on readers to join Arabs in the Hevron hills, and added, “Remember to bring your ID card, water, a hat, and modest clothing that respects the sensitivities of the Palestinians.”

The appeal mentioned shorts and sleeveless shirts as two things that should not be worn.

The planned visit to the Hevron hills area is part of an ongoing campaign. While far-left and anarchist groups say the purpose of the campaign is to help Arab farmers fight for their rights, Jews living in the region say the campaign deliberately foments conflict.

“We had discussions and agreements with the Arabs. There was co-existence and dialogue, but since the leftist activists entered the picture, everything has changed,” residents of the area told Arutz Sheva in a 2010 interview.

Far-left groups claim to be helping Arab farmers to cultivate their own land. However, local Jews say, in reality they target plots of land within Jewish communities that were not previously cultivated by Arab farmers.