The IDF's ability to psychologically deter enemies in Judea and Samaria from attacking it is at an all-time low, if one is to judge by videos that Arabs have recently been uploading to the internet.

The latest video of this genre shows a group that appears to be composed solely of Arab youths and children hurling rocks and paint at IDF vehicles passing through the village of Nebi Saleh in Samaria.

The children are obviously not the least bit afraid, and the military vehicles avoid all contact with them. The vehicles do not stop, but rather speed through the junction as fast as they can.

Border Police in jeeps hurl a couple of smoke grenades that fail to impress the youths.

The recent spate of Arab videos showing the ineffectiveness of IDF soldiers in Judea and Samaria may reflect a new situation on the ground, but it should be noted that the IDF has been hamstrung for years vis-à-vis the Arab rioters, due to legal limitations imposed by leftist lawyers in the State Attorney's Office and IDF Chief Attorney's Office.

Another possible explanation for the uploading of this type of videos is that the videos are part of an Arab strategy designed to create an atmosphere of lawlessness and encourage more violence.