San Diego woman was thrilled to hear terrori
San Diego woman was thrilled to hear terrori Reuters

A San Diego woman and a Chicago man were sentenced to jail this week for what is becoming commonplace in the United States – aiding Muslim terror.

The woman, a native of Somalia, was convicted Tuesday to eight years in prison for sending money to a suspected terrorist organization in her native country, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Nima Yusef confessed in court to sending $1,450 fighting for the Al Shabaab terrorist group and for trying to recruit San Diego men to join terrorists in Somalia.

Her feelings towards terrorists were highlighted by an FBI wiretap of a phone conversation. "In reply to the news that Al Shabaab terrorists had killed peacekeeping troops, she replied, 'Oh my G-d! G-d is great! Wonderful! I swear to G-d, you told me something to be happy about,'" the newspaper stated.

In another conversation, Yusuf laughingly said she hoped another terrorist strike like the Sept. 11 attack occurs in America. "Oh! It will be happening again. Trust me, more this time it will be double, triple their deaths,” she said.

Co-conspirators in her attempt to raise money for Al Shabaab were identified as Somali natives living in Minnesota.

The Chicago man, who is American-born of Syrian descent, was sentenced to 10 years for planning to travel to Somalia two years ago to join the same Al Qaeda-connected group, according to the Chicago Tribune. Shaker Masri, 29, admitted he provided support to Al Shabaab.

The judge said that he must remain under supervision for 20 years after he completes his jail term.

His lawyer complained that he would be an old man by then, but Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman replied, "With all due respect, 50 years old is not old. You've still got a lot of time left."

Another attorney for Masri corrected her math to point out that he would be almost 60, and not 50, when the jail sentence and supervisory term are finished.

"Still not old," the judge said.