A new animated video by Israeli animation firm "The Scratch Group" explains the complex situation Israel is in, with regard to Arab terror from Gaza – and it does so, arguably, better than all of the official spokesmen combined.

In under three minutes, the talented team conveys the frustrating dilemmas Israel faces in its asymmetric war against a terror state that has the world on its side.

Commentators are divided with regard to the success of Operation Pillar of Defense, but there is general agreement that Israel's effort in the field of hasbara – or national public relations and information – was more successful than in previous conflicts.

Although it came out a week after a ceasefire was announced, "Terror in School" by The Scratch Group is further confirmation of the trend. Arutz Sheva was so impressed with it that although we posted it for the benefit of our readers on Thursday, we decided to post it again...