Rocket Damage in Ashdod
Rocket Damage in Ashdod Flash 90

The Gesher (bridge in Hebrew) organization has initiated a convoy of individuals who will be traveling to Ashdod on Friday to purchase supplies and food for Shabbat.

The purpose of the initiative, called "Go South”, is to purchase products from shops that have been suffering from a lack of business over the last two weeks because of the ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza. Ashdod is just one of many cities that have been targeted by countless rockets and missiles.

The participants in “Go South” will be purchasing the food and supplies from local shops and will then deliver them to Israelis in dire need throughout the south. Gesher hopes that this project will harness the current sense of unity and use it as a catalyst to get Jews of all walks of life to come together for something bigger and concrete. The organization expects the convoy to consist of at least 200 Israelis from the center of the country.

Life in southern Israel began to return to normal on Thursday, as a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza’s terrorist rulers took effect the previous evening. For the first time in more than two weeks the residents got out of their homes and visited the local shops and restaurants, which have been forced to close because of the onslaught of rockets.

Gaza terrorists fired 20 rockets at southern Israel in the first few hours after the ceasefire took effect, but it has been maintained since. Some schools in southern Israel are to re-open on Friday, and the rest are expected to re-open on Sunday.

The latest round of violence has cost factories and businesses NIS 200 million (about $55 million) as a result of damage to offices, stores, and factories, as well as operating expenses. The figure does not include damages to individuals' homes and property.

A business owner from southern Israel who was interviewed on Channel 10 News on Thursday called Israelis from the north and the center to come to the south to support the businesses there as they recover.

The Gesher organization has dedicated its work to bridging the gaps between different segments of Israeli society, so that together they can develop an identity that reflects a shared commitment to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Gesher’s programs infuse Israel’s youth, army, police force, communities and the public at large with Jewish values and culture and by advancing a vibrant and inclusive vision of Judaism. The organization has reached over one million Jews over the past 40 years.