Arabs riot near security fence, Gaza
Arabs riot near security fence, Gaza Israel news photo: Flash 90

According to the memorandum of understandings between Israel and Hamas, the self-declared "security belt" that Israel established along the Gaza border is no longer in existence.

Until now, no Gazan who was identified approaching the border with Israel could do so without being harmed. Israel had defined a strip up to 300 meters in width into which no Gazan could enter, as part of its fight against terrorist-guerrilla attacks on its soldiers. Hamas terrorists often place explosive charges along the fence, which they detonate against IDF forces.

Arutz Sheva's Haggai Huberman writes that the third paragraph in the first section of the agreement states that "the passages shall be opened and there will be an easing of the passage of people and goods. The movement of the residents [of Gaza] shall not be limited and there will be no attempt to harm them along the border."

According to the agreement, Egypt will receive guarantees from both sides regarding their commitment to fulfill the agreement. If any side has complaints against the other, it is to turn to Egypt rather than acting unilaterally.

IDF Radio reported Thursday that the agreements have already been breached, just 24 hours after their formulation. About 200 Arabs rioted outside the Karara neighborhood and approached a breach in the security fence, where IDF soldiers were stationed.

Four of the rioters succeeded in crossing the fence, entered Israeli territory and waved a PLO flag. The soldiers fired in the air, and the riot ended.

The rioters were probably emboldened by the ceasefire agreement that cancels the IDF's self-declared "security zone."

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