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The management director of the AMIT school in Beersheva, Drora Gofs, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the recovery of the South's school children who are finally coming home and trying to get back to a sense of normalcy after the chaos that was prevalent in the South for the past week. 

"This week was not easy," said Gofs. "We're talking about evacuations and sirens being sounded for eight days, day and night. However for the school, for the teachers and the students these were also days of encouragement and reassurance."

Gofs said the estimated 1,300 students who attend the AMIT schools were constantly kept updated with school staff through phones, emails, the school site and on Facebook.

Gofs is convinced that some of her students have had traumatic experiences in the past week and will need treatment and counseling. "Some students found it difficult on a familial level and a lot are afraid. On the other hand, some of them volunteered in the city and some of them left the city. Everyone understood the situation and oddly enough they had an intense desire to return to school. Students are looking for structure" said Gofs.

"As Director of the Institute, I constantly communicate with students through the website and this week I gave out my personal cell phone number so that all students could reach me at any given time so we can take care of any problem that is beyond the usual counseling treatment."

The AMIT school in Be'er Sheva is preparing for the students' return to school. "We are preparing for the day after," said Gofs. "We'll need to find the quiet voices. I have no doubt that there are children who suffered from anxiety on a very high level and it may not come out of them in the early days, but we must be aware of the coming days, through more one on one conversations with students, more counselors in classrooms, seeing the emotions that the children display and finding those who are suffering and providing them with help. "

There are many psychological services in the city for the detection and treatment of issues stemming from the intense and traumatic rocket attacks, and Gofs said the right tools are already being put into place in order to help students ahead of their return to school.