The bombed Tel Aviv bus
The bombed Tel Aviv busReuters

Five victims of the bus blast in Tel Aviv Wednesday are still in the hospital, officials at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv said Thursday. A number of them are still in serious condition, and have undergone operations. At least two are likely to be released Thursday, and doctors are hopeful that the other victims will recover sufficiently to be released over the weekend.

In its final summation of the attack, police said that the terrorist threw a hand grenade or homemade bomb through the window of a bus as it traveled in the center of the city. The terrorist quickly ran away as the bus exploded. Several eyewitnesses noticed the terrorist and provided descriptions to the police. Roadblocks were set up at all exits to the city, and on roads leading to Judea and Samaria, as police had received intelligence information that the terrorist was heading back to PA-controlled areas.

Later in the afternoon Wednesday, Israel Radio reported that an intense search was going on in the area of Modi'in. Police later announced that the search had ended, but did not mention whether or not an arrest was made.

In an interview on CNN Wednesday night, Hamas top terrorists Khaled Mashaal said that Hamas had not ordered the bus attack. “Hamas is not claiming responsibility, not announced (sic) that it did this operation,” Khaled Mashaal told Christiane Amanpour in an interview from Cairo. “But I tell you, this operation is part of the massive ramifications that - and there will be more as a reaction, an angry reaction from our angry Palestinian people because of the aggression...Whoever does aggression must pay the price, anywhere in the world, not just from Hamas.” Asked whether he believes it is useful to kill civilians inside Israel, Mashaal responded by claiming his group does not target civilians and blaming Israel for the latest round of violence.