EilatFlash 90

The IDF on Tuesday night eliminated a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist who was responsible for firing missiles at Eilat several months ago. Yunus Shaluf, who fired the rockets at Eilat in August from Sinai with the assistance of Sinai Bedouin, was eliminated in an IDF strike on southern Gaza.

Meanwhile, an IDF plane on Tuesday night destroyed the home of a top Hamas terrorist, Abi Abu Dama. Dama was not in the building at the time, but his home also contained a storehouse with a large arsenal of weapons and rocket parts, which were demolished.

Several other air attacks destroyed a number of Hamas rocket launchers as well.

During the hour after an IDF soldier died after being critically wounded in a rocket attack Tuesday night in the Eshkol region, the IDF hit 20 terrorist targets, an army spokesperson said. Altogether, IDF officials said that 18 terrorists were eliminated on Tuesday so far.