ZAKA medics inspect rocket damage
ZAKA medics inspect rocket damage ZAKA

Pillar of Defense Live Blog: Day Seven

02:00 The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted two rockets that were fired towards the city of Ashdod. No one was hurt.

01:35 An IAF airstrike hit the building housing AFP's Gaza City office. The IDF Spokesperson confirmed the hit, explaining the building was attacked because it housed a Hamas military intelligence operations room. No AFP reporters were hurt.

01:15 The IDF continued to strike dozens of terrorist infrastructures in Gaza, including tunnels that are used to smuggle weapons and tunnels through which fuel is transferred to terrorists.

00:10 Four rockets fired by Gaza-based terrorists exploded near a community in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no reports of physical injuries.

23:54 Dozens of residents of Ashdod demonstrated against the anticipated ceasefire in Gaza. “Enough, erase Hamas," shouted the demonstrators, who waved Israeli flags.

23:22 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a statement to the press shortly before meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu one on one and said, "America’s commitment to Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering.”

23:06 United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed in Israel Tuesday night. Clinton will meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

22:50 Spontaneous protests came together in southern Israel on Tuesday night against a ceasefire with Hamas. One of the protests is being held in Kiryat Malachi next to a building where three Israelis were killed by a rocket last week.

22:34 Hamas leaders stated Tuesday night that there is no ceasefire deal with Israel and no agreements have been reached. Earlier in the day Hamas announced that a ceasefire would be in effect by Wednesday.

22:20 Heavy IAF strikes hit a government building in Gaza.

22:08 Half of the over 100 IDF strikes in Gaza Tuesday were aimed at terrorist cells engaged in firing rockets at Israel. An estimated 20 terrorists were killed over the course of the day.

21:54 The IDF has hit more than 50 terror targets in Gaza in the past two hours. IAF planes have hit a total of more than 1,500 targets since Operation Pillar of Defense began last week.

21:40 The Israeli civilian killed Tuesday in an attack in the Eshkol region near Gaza has been identified as Alayaan Salem al-Nabari.

21:15 The IDF hit more than 20 targets in Gaza over the past hour.

20:58 A civilian was killed in a mortar shell attack from Gaza on Tuesday evening. A second civilian was seriously wounded.

20:38 The IDF hit Islamic Jihad terror sites in Gaza on Tuesday evening. One strike killed Yusef Shaluf, who was responsible for rocket fire on Eilat several months ago.

20:18 The Magen David Adom first response service has treated 112 rocket attack victims Tuesday. One was seriously wounded, 29 were lightly wounded, and 82 suffered shock.

20:16 The IDF reservist killed Tuesday evening has been identified as Yosef Fartuk of Emanuel.

19:54 An IDF reservist badly wounded in a rocket attack Tuesday evening has died of his wounds.

19:47 Four more rockets hit the city of Be'er Sheva. The rockets hit open spaces and did not cause injury.

19:43 The Iron Dome system shot down three rockets fired at Be'er Sheva. A fourth rocket hit the city but did not cause injury.

19:23 Code Red siren warns of incoming rockets in Be'er Sheva and surrounding towns.

19:12 Government sources say that, contrary to reports from Egypt, Israel has not agreed to a ceasefire.

18:56 The government is distributing mattresses and blankets to those living in bomb shelters in southern Israel. A total of more than 2,000 mattresses will be given out.

18:40 Hamas has identified two of those killed in IAF strikes in Gaza as cameramen with Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV. A total of 20 people were killed in Gaza Tuesday, not including six shot and killed by Hamas.

18:29 One woman was lightly wounded in the attack on Rishon L'Tzion.

18:17 The rocket fired at Rishon L'Tzion directly hit a six-story building, causing extensive damage. It is not yet clear if there are casualties.

18:12 A rocket fired from Gaza hit the city of Rishon L'Tzion in central Israel.

18:06 The IAF hit two terrorist cells in northern Gaza. One was hit while inside a weapons storage facility.

17:52 One person was seriously wounded in a rocket attack on Ashkelon. Two others were lightly wounded.

17:43 The Iron Dome system has shot down two rockets that were fired at the city of Ashdod.

17:28 Code Red siren warnings of incoming rockets in Ashkelon and surrounding communities.

17:27 Sources in Israel and Egypt say Israel and Hamas will reach a ceasefire by Tuesday night.

16:52 Hamas has called on civilians in northern Gaza to ignore a warning from the IDF to evacuate.

16:37 PA media report 6 killed in IAF strikes on two vehicles in Gaza City.

16:31 IAF planes hit two vehicles carrying weapons in Gaza City on Tuesday afternoon. The strikes set off the explosives within the vehicles, causing secondary blasts.

16:20 Three people were wounded in Ashdod by a direct rocket strike on a local home. The victims were taken to Kaplan hospital in light condition.

16:18 The IAF has dropped pamphlets over Gaza City warning residents to evacuate to the city center immediately for their own safety.

16:04 The Code Red siren warned of an incoming rocket in Ashdod. A young man suffered cuts while running for shelter. He was taken to Kaplan hospital in light condition.

15:55 Code Red siren warnings of incoming rockets in Sderot and the Sha'ar Hanegev region.

15:46 IAF pilots targeted a Hamas cell Tuesday as it fired rockets on southern Israel. Hamas reported two dead in the strike. No civilians were hurt.

15:32 A rocket hit a home in the Eshkol region on Tuesday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

15:21  Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi, accompanied by 10 Arab ministers, crossed into Gaza on Tuesday on a solidarity visit, the Hamas government announced.

15:14   Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi says Egypt's Morsi says Israeli “aggression” to end Tuesday, indicating a ceasefire is imminent.

15:04  The attack was claimed by Hamas's armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, which said it had fired "an M75 rocket at the occupied city of Jerusalem."

14:56  IDF artillery is targeting terrorist targets following the missile attack near Jerusalem. Two Hamas terrorists were hit, and 30 missile launchers were bombed. The IDF also struck the residence of a Hamas commander, where weapons were being stored. 

14:49  Code Red siren warnings of incoming rockets in Ashkelon and surrounding area.

14:46  Code Red siren warnings of incoming rockets in Gaza Belt communities.

14:38  Three rockets hit a kibbutz in the Eshkol region, critically wounding at least one person, and there are fears that several young people, possibly children, are trapped in debris.

14:30  A rocket exploded in an open area near an Arab village in Gush Etzion around 2:15 p.m. as sirens wailed in Jerusalem. 

14:14  Multiple warnings of missiles in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion

14:09 Hamas’ leader Khaled Mashaal charges an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza is a bluff. “If you wanted to launch it, you would have done it.”

14:00 Rocket damages home in Gaza Belt area. Possibility of victims trapped in rubble.

13:48 More Red Code siren warnings of incoming rockets and missiles on Ofakim, Negev moshavim and kibbutzim and areas north of Be’er Sheva. 

13:25  Code Red early warning siren for incoming rockets on Ofakim and Be’er Sheva.

13:09   A rocket shelter saved the life of a Be’er Sheva woman whose house was destroyed by as Grad missile. She was not injured.

12:55  A Kassam rocket exploded in the yard of a house in Sderot, causing damage. No one was injured.

12:53  Code Red early warning siren for incoming rocket on Sderot and surrounding area.

12:50  Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" and “occupying the Palestinian territory step by step.”

12:45  German Foreign Minister Westerwelle tells Netanyahu a ceasefire is needed but “there is one key condition for everything else, and that is the stop of the missile attacks against Israel.”

12:42  Code Red early warning siren for rocket in the area of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, near Ashkelon.

12:34  Israel put on hold a Gaza ground offensive to give truce talks a chance as top diplomats to press for a ceasefire, AFP reports.

12:25  "All sides must halt fire immediately," United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in Egypt. He is to fly later to Israel.

12:08  Code Red early warning siren in Sderot and surrounding kibbutzim and moshavim.

12:07 Hamas has “no compunction whatsoever at firing on our civilians,” Netanyahu tells visiting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle.

12:04  The Air Force resumes aerial bombings of terrorist targets in northern Gaza.

12:00  A Reservist suffered light wounds from shrapnel after Gaza terrorist rocket exploded near his base in the Negev.

11:56  Code Red warning of incoming missile on Kiryat Malachi, located halfway between Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv.

11:54  Code Red warning of incoming missile on Ashkelon after short lull of rocket fire.

11:44  The attack at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv was not connected to terror, authorities said.

11:33 The US Embassy attacker was identified as a 41-year-old Jew from Bat Yam, a city adjacent to Tel Aviv. His motives not yet known.

11:28 An axe-wielding attacker lightly wounded a guard at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv Tuesday morning and was arrested.

11:24  U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro told Army Radio the Obama administration has not told Israel it must not carry out a ground incursion into Gaza.

11:18  Knesset Member Gilad Erdan of Likud says if there is truce, Israel must respond  to a single rocket attack as if a major assault.

11:17  An armed man shot and wounded a guard at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv Tuesday morning and was arrested.

10:47  Massive rocket force forces IDF to close Kerem Shalom crossing, where 12- trucks wait to bring goods and merchandise to Gaza.

10:33  Another barrage of missiles. Sirens sound as far north as Kiryat Malachi, halfway between Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv.

10:31  Israel needs to send IDF ground forces into Gaza to destroy Hamas’ military, say Prof. Efraim Inbar and Dr. Max Singer.

10:28  The missile that struck a building in Be’er Sheva n the morning is identified as a private home. Heavy damage. No known injuries, but wreckage being checked.

10:23  One person was seriously wounded from a Hamas rocket in the Eshkol region in the Western Negev.

10:20  Early warning siren of incoming missile on Be’er Sheva. Hamas has attacked Israel with dozens of missiles this morning.

9:59  Additional Code Red warning sirens in the Western Negev amid reports that Israel is holding off on a ground incursion prior to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’ visit.

9:49  Multiple Code Red early warning sirens for incoming rockets and missiles in Be’er Sheva and Gaza Belt communities.

9:36  A U.S. official said Obama is sending U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Israel and Egypt on Gaza crisis mission, AFP reports.

9:34  Code Red early warning siren for incoming missile on Kerem Shalom community near Gaza.

9:23  Israel puts 'temporary hold' on plans for Gaza ground operation, according to sources quoted by AFP.

9:22  Air Force resumes aerial bombings of terrorist targets in Gaza.

9:07  Early warning siren of incoming missile on Sderot, located less than one mile from northern Gaza.

9:02  Hizbullah is supplying more missiles to Hamas at the same time Israel’s Iron Dome system is intercepting them after launching, the Lebanon-based Al-Akhbar newspaper reports.

8:50  The Iron Dome system blew up two incoming missiles in the area of the port of Ashdod, north of Ashkelon.

8:44  Code Red early warning siren for incoming missile on Ashdod and nearby Gan Yavneh.

8:41  Bus driver saved dozens of lives by urging passengers to get off bus before missile hit 30 seconds hit early warning siren.

8:35  One person lightly wounded in rocket attack next to Be’er Sheva bus. Missile also damaged building and parked car.

8:21  Code Red early warning siren for incoming missiles on Ashkelon and Gaze Belt communities.

8:18  Missile hits bus in Be’er Sheva. No serious injuries.

8:02 The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepts eight missiles and rockets launched at the Be’er Sheva area.

7:58  Multiple early warning sirens for incoming missiles on communities between Be’er Sheva and Kiryat Gat.

7:57  Code Red early warning siren for incoming missiles on Be’er Sheva and Ofakim.

7:52  Peres said Iran is “out of its mind” for encouraging Arabs to continue missile attacks rather than negotiate a ceasefire.

7:48  The “journalist” that Hamas said was killed in an Air Force strike Monday was none other than its southern Gaza commander, says the IDF.

7:30  Terrorists fire missile at Be’er Sheva after night of quiet.