Gaza attack
Gaza attack Flash 90

The IDF attacked dozens of targets in Gaza on Monday, during the sixth day of Operation Pillar of Defense.

The targets include hidden launchers, terrorist training camps, weapons storage sites and police stations belonging to Hamas.

On Monday afternoon, the IDF attacked a Hamas vehicle in northern Gaza that was used for transporting rockets. A direct hit was identified at the target.

Several terrorist squads who were responsible for firing rockets at Israeli territory were hit as well.

The IDF also struck a launcher from which mortar shells had been fired at Gaza Belt communities. Over fifty smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza were attacked.

The IDF stressed that "Gaza has become a frontal Iranian base and it puts the citizens of Israel under unbearable rocket fire and terrorist attacks. The IDF is determined and will continue to attack targets that are used as bases for terrorism against Israeli civilians. "

Also on Monday, IDF planes targeted and eliminated four senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

The four were eliminated in a joint operation of the IDF and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). They were in a multi-storied apartment building, but were killed in a pinpointed "surgical" attack that did not hit any of the international media representatives whose offices are in the building - the reason the Hamas terrorists had holed up there, thinking they were safe.

Hamas top terrorist Khaled Mashaal said on Monday that his group is not interested in a ceasefire with Israel.

Speaking in Gaza, Mashaal said that there would be no compromises with Israel. “There may be or may not be an agreement, but that is up to Israel,” he said. “There are efforts by Qatar and Egypt, we are meeting with them every day. But we will not accept any Israeli conditions. If they want a ceasefire, let them stop attacking us. The one who started the violence should end it.”

credit: רויטרס
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