Aftermath of bombing in Gaza
Aftermath of bombing in Gaza Reuters

The former Deputy Head of the Shin Bet intelligence agency supports a ground maneuver by the IDF in Gaza, to follow the air campaign that has been going on for five days.

"Hamas' people made several meaningful errors in the past few days," Doron Weiss told Arutz Sheva. "The behavior of [Ahmed] Jaabari, who did not hide and did not take into account the threat to his life, was one such mistake," he explained.

"The operation will end with an agreement vis-à-vis Hamas regarding a 'lull'," he said, "but reaching such an agreement requires that Hamas be brought to a situation in which it understands that it has no choice.

Weiss said that there is no reason to fear international pressure, and dismissed as "groundless" the concerns that once the IDF enters Gaza it will become bogged down. "There is no reason why the IDF cannot carry out a limited operation in Gaza and leave in time," he determined.