Katyusha rocket and Eilat hotel
Katyusha rocket and Eilat hotelIsrael news photo montage

An explosion in Eilat that was thought to be a rocket attack turned out to be from a blast at work on the security fence, and at least person was treated for shock.

Police are investigating to determine if there was any damage.

The explosion followed two other blasts that were heard Sunday night, apparently from rocket attacks.

The mountainous area has made it difficult for security personnel to locate the sites of the explosions.

Attacks from the Sinai often are carried out by Hamas terrorists who have crossed into Egypt from Gaza or Bedouin and Al Qaeda terrorists, often allied with Hamas.

In the north, the IDF is on high alert for attacks from Syrian forces, across from the Golan Heights border, and Hizbullah in Lebanon.

In the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Hamas took the opportunity of the battle to engage the IDF in a two-front war, escalating rocket tracks on the south. So far, Hizbullah has not carried out any attacks since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense.