Aftermath of IAF airstrike in Gaza
Aftermath of IAF airstrike in GazaFlash 90

As the IDF’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza continues, Hamas has made several totally false claims about damages it has supposedly done to Israeli cities and soldiers. This is done in order to give the public in Gaza a false image as though Hamas is defeating Israel.

In response, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has put together and distributed several videos which present the truth and disprove the Hamas lies.

Among other claims, Hamas said its missiles directly hit Tel Aviv. In fact, despite sirens having been sounded in Tel Aviv in recent days, there were no direct hits on the city. In most cases the missiles landed in open areas and in one case on Saturday, the Iron Dome anti-missile system shot down the missile.

The terror group also claimed to have hit the Israeli Knesset. In reality, a missile fired by Gaza terrorists on Friday sounded off sirens in Jerusalem, but the missile landed in open areas outside the city.

In another lie, Hamas published a photo of a wounded child, claiming he was hurt in an IDF air strike. In truth, the child was not wounded in Gaza but rather in Syria as part of the ongoing civil war in the country.

The terror group has also claimed that it brought down Israeli fighter jets and warships. None of the claims are true.