Hesder soldiers
Hesder soldiersIDF Picture

With the cabinet set to discuss a wider call-up of reserves Thursday afternoon, specialists and fighters with special units have already been placed on active duty – with dozens of students in Hesder yeshivas getting emergency call-up notices.

Most of those called up are in reserve units that generally serve in the south. Many other Hesder students who are not in the current reserve rotation have volunteered to help out as well. Students who are on active duty as part of their Hesder-IDF service are remaining with their units.

The students, and other reservists, are being called up both to ensure that the IDF has enough personnel to handle emergencies that might come up, as well as to prepare in the event that the government decides to send the IDF Into Gaza. No such decision has been made yet, but government officials said that there was a strong likelihood that such a move might be necessary if Hamas did not halt its attacks on southern Israel.

The Organization of Hesder Yeshivot said that it was coordinating the call-up activity with the IDF. Eitan Ezra, director of the group, said that he himself was called up for reserve service. “Hesder Yeshiva students are ready to help in whatever way they can,” he said. “We are giving encouragement to IDF troops and residents of the south. May G-d gives us strength and bless the nation with peace,” he said.