IAF photo of Fajr site
IAF photo of Fajr siteIDF Spokesman's Unit

Gaza terrorists fired a rocket at Dimona Wednesday, where Israel's nuclear reactor is located. The rocket fell wide of its mark and caused no casualties or damage. Channel 2 said this was the first time a terror rocket was fired at the sensitive site.

Terrorists fired about 20 Grad Katyusha missiles at Be'er Sheva, after firing at Sderot and Ashkelon. There have been no reports of casualties. Iron Dome anti-missile batteries successfully intercepted most of the rockets fired at Be'er Sheva. One woman was reportedly lightly hurt in Be'er Sheva.

At least two rockets were fired at Ashdod. Iron Dome intercepted one but a second one fell within the city, in an open space. No one was hurt.

Rockets were also fired at Ofakim.

The IDF released video of a Fajr rocket being placed inside a concrete silo at an unknown date in the past. The IAF is believed to have hit most of the Fajr rockets that have been hidden in Gaza.

The IDF also released an aerial photo showing the proximity between a Fajr launch site and civilian structures, including a kindergarten.