Rocket victim at Barzali Hospital (archives)
Rocket victim at Barzali Hospital (archives)Israel news photo: Flash 90

Dozens of young men and women took to the streets Monday and Tuesday, protesting at intersections around the country over the ongoing terrorist rocket attacks on southern Israel.

“Just as we are undeterred by the rain and cold, and come to protest and show solidarity with those in the south, we expect the government, too, not to be deterred by the ‘rain’ of Kassam rockets,” they declared.

The government must “strike back so hard that the terrorists think ten times before firing a rocket at citizens of Israel,” they urged.

Passing drivers showed support for the rallies, activists reported.

The young activists, affiliated with the religious-Zionist community and Ichud Leumi (National Union) party, said politics must be put aside when it comes to defending civilians. Residents of the south must not be left to suffer because of the elections season, they said.

“We call on Prime Minister Netanyahu and the government to respond very harshly to the ongoing rocket fire in the south. Hamas has been making the lives of those in southern Israel unbearable for years,” activists stated.

“The time has come for terrorists to go back to hiding in fear of IDF planes, and for a million residents of southern Israel to live in peace and security,” they concluded.