Taking shelter in Sderot (file)
Taking shelter in Sderot (file)Israel news photo: Flash 90

After a day in which more than 100 rockets fired by Gaza terrorists exploded in Israel, it was decided on Sunday evening that school will resume on Monday in all areas of southern Israel.

Schools in Gan Yavne and the Gaza belt were closed on Sunday, but local authorities decided that all educational institutions will reopen on Monday. According to revised guidelines of the Home Front Command issued on Sunday night, Gaza belt residents are asked to remain within 15 seconds protected spaces. In addition, it is forbidden to hold gatherings of 500 or more people in the region.

Many of the rockets fired Sunday were timed for the end of the school day, in order to try and kill or maim children.

A direct strike on a home in Sderot was reported after 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening. Thankfully, no one was physically injured despite the direct hit.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian Authority-based website which is affiliated with the Islamic Jihad terror group claimed on Sunday evening that a ceasefire agreement was and that the rocket attacks would stop.

Gaza’s Hamas rulers often call for a ceasefire after firing dozens of rockets at Israel. However, the Gaza-based terrorist groups usually take advantage of the ‘ceasefires’ to periodically send a reminder to Israelis that they have the ability to fire rockets.

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon (Likud) said Sunday that Israel does not intend to maintain restraint in the face of the intense rocket attacks from Gaza.

"If the terror organizations do not cease their fire we will be prepared to toughen our response as much as necessary, until they say 'enough!'," he said.

"There is a complicated war here, and in the end we will finish it," he said. "This is not a one-off move. But we will put an end to it. We do not intend to maintain restraint because the situation is unbearable for us."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak also fired off a warning to Hamas on Sunday, saying, "As far as Israel is concerned, Hamas is responsible for the [missile] fire and attempts to harm soldiers and civilians, even if others are involved. And it (Hamas) is the one that will pay the principle price. And the price will be severe and painful."

Barak said the IDF is examining the possibilities of strengthening their reactions to Hamas and the other terror organizations in Gaza. He added that while the Iron Dome missile-defense system had changed the fundamental defense for civilians, work has to be done quickly to increase protection to Gaza-area communities from a 4.5-kilometer belt to seven kilometers.