IDF returns fire on Goland Heights
IDF returns fire on Goland Heights Israel news photo: Flash 90

After several warnings were ignored, Israel Defense Forces finally returned fire Sunday following Syrian Army shelling of the Golan Heights by Syrian regulars.

Syrian soldiers shelled an IDF outpost, prompting Israeli soldiers to fire warning shots back in response.

Israel has repeatedly asked the United Nations peacekeeping forces stationed in the demilitarized zone between the two countries to warn the Syrian forces against firing at Israel.

The message including the warning that one more round of gunshots or mortar fire aimed at Israeli territory would be met with a similar response in return.

Likewise, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has warned numerous times over the past week -- and again this morning (Sunday) in opening remarks at the weekly cabinet meeting -- that Israel would return fire if there were any further gunfire or shelling into Israeli territory.

IDF officials said there were no injuries among the Syrian soldiers as a result of the Israeli gunfire. They added that any further shooting at Israeli territory would be met with a similar response.

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