Wounded Israeli soldiers are wheeled into So
Wounded Israeli soldiers are wheeled into SoIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Doctors have saved the life of an Israeli soldier who remains unconscious and are preparing for more surgery after the first operation succeeded. The soldier, not yet named, suffered serious wounds to his head and eyes.

One other soldier also is in serious but not life-threatening condition in Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva.


Two additional Givati troops wounded when an anti-tank missile hit their jeep along the Gaza security fence are recovering in Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon from moderate to serious wounds. They were on a patrol in their jeep approximately 600 feet from the fence when the advanced missile hit their vehicle.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all terrorist activity in Gaza, but the terrorist organization frequently has tried to deny responsibility while other terror groups claim they are behind attacks, which sometimes are carried out independently of Hamas and other times are coordinated with it. The latest attacks are a new round of escalation in the 12-year-old Oslo War, otherwise known as the Second Intifada.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced it fired two Kornet missiles, one of which hit the jeep on patrol. However, Arabic language news sources reported that Hamas said it fired the advanced missiles, which it introduced into the ongoing war two years ago when a Kornet missile killed a teenager on a school bus near Kibbutz Sa'ad in the Western Negev.

Retaliatory fire from the IDF killed at least four terrorists, whom Hamas described as civilian youth.


Hamas attacked southern Israel Saturday night and Sunday morning with more than 30 rockets, setting off siren warnings as far north as Kiryat Malachi, halfway between Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv.


In response, the IDF has attacked a weapons factory, two storage depots and two launching sites.

Hamas and other terror groups threatened Israel with more attacks followed Israel’s retaliation, AFP reported.

"The occupation attacked Palestinian civilians east of Gaza City and Khan Yunis. We consider this escalation as very dangerous. It must stop immediately," said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum.

The armed wing of the radical Popular Resistance Committees also released a statement vowing that "the Zionist enemy will pay a high price for this crime against Gaza". Islamic Jihad also issued a warning, saying: "Every aggression against the Palestinian people will be followed by a response from the resistance."