Mofaz asked for Obama's continuing support
Mofaz asked for Obama's continuing supportFlash 90

Opposition leader MK Shaul Mofaz spoke Wednesday afternoon with the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, as he extended congratulations on the country's elections and expressed the hope that Israel and the U.S. will remain close allies during the next four years.

"Continue to strengthen ties with Israel - the U.S. is a true friend of Israel and always will be. Together we will stand as one front facing common challenges," Mofaz told Shapiro.

Mofaz asked Ambassador Shapiro to pass along a letter to President Obama, congratulating him on his victory and reinforcing the bond between the two countries.

In the letter, Mofaz touched on the meeting held at the White House three months ago, during which he and Obama discussed the need to strengthen cooperation between the United States and Israel on the most pressing matters in the Middle East.

"As a result of your efforts, Mr. President," wrote Mofaz, "the whole world is now united around the strictest sanctions Iran has ever had to face. While in Israel we are committed to immediate action to defend ourselves at all costs, we also must take a significant portion and play a more significant role in promoting diplomatic efforts ".

Mofaz also referred to the resumption of negotiations with the Palestinians, saying, "The stalemate in the peace process and the continued control over millions of Palestinians in the West Bank may negatively effect our existence as a Jewish state. Mr. President, I congratulate you on your efforts to bring Israel and its neighbors back to the negotiating table with the U.S. serving as an effective mediator. On behalf of Israel and its citizens, I ask you to continue to do so. While peace must be something that in the end will be achieved only through Israel and the Palestinians, the U.S. has a major role around the negotiation table. "

Mofaz signed the letter by congratulating the President on his re-election and expressing hope that the special relationship between the two countries be maintained. "May Israel and the United States continue to stand shoulder to shoulder as allies and as friends," wrote Mofaz.