EggsFlash 90

It may not be noticeable yet, as warehouses were still mostly full over the weekend, but Israel's egg producers are on strike – and within days, they say, Israelis will begin to notice the shortage of eggs that the lack of production will cause.

At issue, of course, is money. Egg growers are demanding more, and as of Sunday, deliveries to distributors has been suspended, and will remain suspended until the egg growers get what they want. With the price of feed going up, growers say they have no choice but to demand that the ceiling on what they are allowed to charge be raised – or, alternatively, that the government subsidize their higher costs.

A spokesperson for growers said “we should not have to work for free. We are not free to set prices, as the price is supervised by the government. If they insist on doing so, they must compensate us for the higher expenses, which work to about 4 agorot an egg.”

The spokesperson said that the egg growers were prepared to break eggs instead of ship them, “with all the pain that would entail.”

Attorney General Yosef Shapira is set to ask the Agriculture Ministry to authorize and increase in the cost of wholesale eggs, which will of course be immediately reflecred in prices paid by the consumer. With that, the growers said that it was “too early” to end the strike, because approval by the Ministries is only the first step in the final approval of a price increase.