Early voting in Florida
Early voting in FloridaReuters

A bomb scare delayed early voting in Florida and led to tensions and fears of riots that may highlight the day after Election Day.

Saturday’s bomb scare in one Florida district delayed early voting for four hours while police blew up two suspicious items – a garbage bag and a lunch cooler, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Police said the suspicious items apparently were not placed to disrupt elections, but reactions of some voters ranged from rage to paranoia.

"This is voter intimidation," Winter Park resident Tracy Jackson told the Sentinel. "They are keeping me from voting for Obama. I feel like there's more to it; this is a ploy.”

Another angry voter said, "They sure know how to motivate someone not to vote,” while another person said he wanted to cry.

"There is voter suppression going on in our country, but I don't think this particular event is part of any conspiracy," one 59-year-old woman told the newspaper.

A Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald poll give Mitt Romney a six-point lead over President Barack Obama, while other surveys show a tighter race in the critical swing state.

Only 42 percent of voters have a favorable view of Obama while 49 percent have an unfavorable opinion. Romney has a 53 percent favorable rating and a 34 percent unfavorable rating.  

Meanwhile, threats of riots if Obama loses are cropping up on social networks.

The “Twitchy” website reported on Saturday that it reported a few weeks ago “on Twitter users threatening to riot if President Obama loses to GOP rival Mitt Romney.

“Interestingly, the threats made today were posted exclusively by supporters of President Obama. “We weren’t able to find even one Republican threatening to riot if Mitt Romney loses" Twitchy added. “With four days to go until Election Day, we decided this is a topic worth revisiting. The results of our Twitter searches are not pretty.”

It noted that mainstream media have largely ignored the threat of violence.

If Obama doesn't win, I will actually start a riot. This is not a joke,“ Parker@ManiStaySmileyy” tweeted on Friday.

Some tweets cannot be published because of foul language, but the theme word was “riot.”

“If Romney win , me obama and 2 chainz going to start a riot and shoot his a--, another tweet stated.

“If Obama lose it's going to be the biggest riot in history… Because, I'm going to start it!” wrote Dimz@turn2two

F R A N K L I N @ChangeMy_Name tweeted, “If Mitt Romney wins, nighas gon riot like when Dr. King died. It's gon be a sight to see.”

Dozens of other basically said the same thing: If Obama does not win, there will be riots.