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Arutz Sheva spoke to some American voters who reside in Israel, who explained why they voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the U.S. presidential elections.

According to exit poll statistics released this week by the iVoteIsrael organization, 85% of Americans in Israel voted for Romney for President while 14% voted for President Barack Obama.

iVoteIsrael is the leading organization facilitating the ability of Americans in Israel to vote in the elections.

“I think what we’ve seen over the last four years is a deterioration of the relationship between America and Israel, Israel’s in a much more precarious situation and we believe that Mitt Romney will bring a new effort to secure Israel’s place in the Middle East,” said Kory Bardash, co-chairman of Republicans Abroad Israel.

Attorney David Sacks, a resident of the city of Efrat who also voted for Romney, said, “I believe there’s 40% Americans in Efrat and it seems like the consensus in Efrat is that Romney is the best choice for Americans living in Israel.”

“When I lived in the States I was a Democrat,” said Sacks, “but when I moved to Israel my primary issue became Israel as opposed to the primary issues I had when I lived in America, and at least in this election, for an Israeli Jew, there should be no question that Romney is by far the better candidate for President of the United States.”

He noted that “up until this election you could be a proud supporter of Israel and vote Democrat or Republican because up until President Obama, every Democratic candidate and every Republican candidate has essentially been equally supportive of Israel. This is the first election, in my lifetime, where you have one president who’s actually outwardly supportive of Israel and one president who, by his actions, is outwardly hostile towards Israel.”