Aftermath of rocket attack in Ashdod
Aftermath of rocket attack in AshdodFlash 90

The Israeli government will not take real action against Gaza terrorists’ rocket attacks until Jewish blood is shed, former IDF Brigadier-General Tzvika Fogel told Arutz Sheva.

Experience over the past few years shows that the government responds sharply to rocket attacks only when a Jew is badly wounded or killed, he explained. Attacks in which there are no serious injuries, or foreign workers are hurt, are not met with a similar response.

The standard response to attacks that do not cause injury is an IAF strike on a weapons plant or smuggling tunnel in Gaza.

The current approach must change if Israel is to restore deterrence, he declared. “Every rocket that is fired must be met with a response where either a Hamas leader loses his head, or the street the rocket was fired from is taken out,” he said. “There’s no other way.”

Israel can look to its success in Lebanon for guidance, Fogel said. “Even if the war in Lebanon was considered unsuccessful from a diplomatic perspective, from a military perspective it was very successful,” he argued.

Unlike southern Israel, northern Israel has not been a target of frequent rocket fire in recent years, he said. In southern Israel, he noted, there are 12 and 13-year-old children who have grown up with rocket fire a part of their daily reality.

“It’s not normal that children live that way in the state of Israel,” Fogel said.