Border Police (Illustration)
Border Police (Illustration) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Hareidi integration in the IDF and national service took another step forward Monday with the creation of a new program in which young hareidi men will serve in the Border Police.

Dozens of young hareidi-religious men will form a new unit tasked with preventing Palestinian Authority Arabs from illegally entering Israeli territory in the Jerusalem area.

The new recruits will undergo six weeks of training, and will continue with training and exercises during their service. Among other things, they will be licensed to drive in combat situations.

The program was designed to allow the young recruits to maintain their religious lifestyle. The unit will be active from Sunday through Thursday, giving the men Friday and Saturday off to observe the Sabbath.

“This is a quality group that can contribute a lot to Israeli security,” said Border Police commander Yoram Halevy. The unit “will significantly increase our strength” in the Jerusalem area, he added.

National Service head Sar-Shalom Jerby praised the new program as well. “I have no doubt that the hareidi volunteers who join the Border Police will serve as officers like any other and will be a significant assistance in whatever is needed,” he said.

Jerby called on the government to allow hareidi men to continue to join national service projects despite the fact that the issue of mandatory military service remains unresolved.