Boca Jews for Romney
Boca Jews for RomneyINN: L.D.

The past week was one for grassroots activism in sunny South Florida. Jewish activists were found among the many Romney supporters who converged upon Boca Raton for the October 22 Presidential Debate at Lynn University.

Many of the activists represented the Republican Jewish Coalition. With signs in hand, they stood along the major intersections and waved to the cheers of many supporters who passed.

One banner read, “Boca Jews for Romney.” Their message was that Barack Obama and his policies of appeasement must be replaced by Mitt Romney, a staunch supporter of Israel and an opponent of radical Islam.

According to pro-Romney participant, Aaron Shapiro of Delray Beach, “The actions of our president against Israel’s interests speak volumes louder than his words of ‘his support’ for Israel. He has been cozy with the Arab world while being cold to Israel, and I will not be silent.”

Some activists also participated in phone banks and attended events such as the Jewish Policy Forum in North Miami Beach the following evening. That event, although not political, focused on the subject of Jews and Conservatism, and drew over one thousand participants. The featured panelists were notable conservative radio personalities, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight.

It was a week for voices to be heard in a very crucial election.

Larry Domnitch is an educator and the author of "The Cantonists: The Jewish Children´s Army of the Tsar", released by Devora Publishing. He resides in Efrat.