Captain Ziv Shilon, the battalion commander from Givati Brigade who was badly wounded when a terrorist explosive device went off at the Gaza security fence, has spoken to the Israeli press, and his message is an inspiring one.

Shilon spoke to Channel 2 TV news as he was being transferred from the Intensive Care Unit at Soroka Hospital to the Orthopedic Unit, following an improvement in his condition.

He has lost his right arm and is fighting to be able to use his left arm. It appears he has lost his left hand, too.

"It's not an easy thing to lose arms," he said. "But if I can rehabilitate myself, I intend to return to the army."

Asked how he feels, he said: "I feel great, everything is under control."

He remembers the moment of injury well. "The charge exploded on the gate and I was wounded; one arm flew off, the other one was crushed. I held the arm that few off and put myself inside the vehicle. I told the medic to set me a tourniquet and he did what he had to do well."

"I love my soldiers," Shilon said. "They have nothing to worry about. The IDF is strong and it will be victorious."