Sept 11 terror attack on US consulate in Beng
Sept 11 terror attack on US consulate in BengReuters

American media says it has proof of a coverup that Obama administration officials ignored 3 pleas for help during the Al Qaeda terror attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that killed American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three U.S. diplomats -- the first such murder in 33 years.

On Friday, Fox News broadcast a report revealing that CIA operatives defending the consulate in Libya had called three times for emergency assistance during the attack.

Each time, the request was rejected.

According to the report, Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was able to use a laser designator to pinpoint with complete accuracy the location of the mortar from which a shell was fired and killed him, minutes later. 

Had U.S. pilots been scrambled from the nearby Air Force base and ordered to respond, a surgical strike would have located the mortar – and its operator, neutralizing both, contends retired U.S. Army Col. Ken Allard, writing in The Washington Times. Outraged, Allard added in an op-ed published Saturday, “Another new and critical detail: An American drone was overhead transmitting live video of the battle scene below.” 

Former CIA commander Gary Berntsen also told CBS News last week that the savage attack on the consulate was observed in detail by top officials at the U.S. Defense Department as it took place. American Defense Department officials were too slow to respond when they saw what was happening, charged Berntsen, and didn't send in the troops fast enough. “They stood, and they watched, and our people died,” he raged.

The former head of a U.S. Special Forces “Site Security Team” (SST) in Libya also said in an interview earlier this month with CBS News that he had pleaded for half a year prior to the attack for additional security for U.S. facilities. But the State Department had removed as many as 34 security personnel from the country in the six months leading up to the attack.

One of the other victims, career diplomat Sean Smith realized there was a strong chance of an attack after having spotted one of the local Libyan "police" taking photographs of the facility, which was badly understaffed. He even warned a colleague on an Internet gaming site that he might not be alive the next day due to  the security officer's supicious activity -- a prediction that tragically proved true just a few hours later.

Lt. Col. Andy Wood said his 16-member team and a State Department force left Libya in August, despite U.S. officials in Libya asking for increased security.

In his piece, Allard refers to the Benghazi attack as “9/11.2, the second successful al Qaeda attack on American soil.” Allard charges the administration with “wanting to keep a low profile on the anniversary of September 11” as the reason for not placing U.S. forces on alert, despite a power vacuum in Libya, one reported by Ambassador Christopher Stevens himself.

"Americans had died at the hands of terrorists and our intelligence establishment knew the truth the Obama administration was trying so hard to conceal,” Allard writes. “With too many people in too many headquarters, the truth has an inconvenient way of leaking.”