In their last-minute attempts to woo the young female vote, Democrats have crossed the line separating good taste from vulgarity and published a video that compares voting for Barack Obama to losing one's virginity. The YouTube video featuring actress and filmmaker Lena Dunham has received a million hits in two days, but much of the attention is negative, judging by the viewers' rating of the video.

Conservatives have blasted the ad. Charlotte Hays of the Independent Women's Forum called it "a new descent into vulgarity."

"That a campaign would cut an ad such ad heralds a profound cultural shift in our country and not a good one," she wrote. "This had got to be our first R-rated presidential campaign ad. But it is the logical extension of the Obama campaign's urging women to 'vote our lady parts.' No wonder women are moving towards Governor Romney."

Conservative Pajamas Media's comedian-reporter Steven Crowder was quick to record and publish a brilliant takeoff on the embarrassing Democrat video. The spoof has received 50,000 views in its first day on the air and – thus far – overwhelming approval from its viewers.

Crowder's most popular video thus far is a scathing report on his home city of Detroit, which he describes as having been ravaged by decades of socialist Democratic municipal policies.

Note: Arutz Sheva has provided links to the Democratic campaign video and Crowder's takeoff on it, but has not posted them for reasons of dress and language that do not conform to our rules.