Fire at the Yarmouk ammunition factory in Kha
Fire at the Yarmouk ammunition factory in Kha Reuters

Sudan on Wednesday demanded that the UN Security Council condemn Israel after it accused the Jewish State of carrying out an air attack on a Sudanese weapons factory, AFP reported.

According to the report, Sudan's UN envoy, Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, also accused Israel of involvement in the Darfur conflict.

Sudan claimed that four Israeli aircraft fired missiles that hit a military factory and killed two people in Khartoum. Israel has not reacted to the allegations.

The explosion at the military factory in Sudan's capital before dawn Wednesday sent detonating ammunition flying through the air, causing panic among residents, the official news agency and local media reports said.

"Four Israeli aircraft invaded our airspace and perpetrated this heinous attack," Osman was quoted by AFP as having told a UN Security Council meeting on the Darfur conflict.

"We reject such aggression and expect your esteemed council to condemn this attack because it is a blatant violation of the concept of peace and security" and the UN charter, the ambassador added.

Israel was "jeopardizing peace and security in the entire region," he added.

Osman added that "we all know of the Israeli hands in the Darfur conflict" over the past decade in which the UN says at least 300,000 people have been killed.

The envoy said Israel had armed Darfur rebels and helped transport rebel leaders. "We call on you to stop foreign hands meddling in the Darfur conflict," the ambassador said.

In May, Sudan suggested that Israel was involved in an explosion that killed a suspected arms smuggler in the eastern Sudanese city of Port Sudan.

Last December, news outlets in Sudan claimed that Israeli fighter jets, helicopters and possibly a submarine were involved in multiple attacks on targets in the country.