Video courtesy of "Regavim"

Dozens of Palestinian Authority Arab and foreign anarchists stormed a Jewish-owned Rami Levy supermarket Wednesday morning in Samaria, where Arabs shop and are employed, and waved PA flags while yelling, “Free Palestine.”

Police used stun grenades to disperse the mob while customers and workers took refuge in the store out of fear of violence from the protesters. One protester was lightly injured and taken to an Arab hospital by a PA Red Crescent ambulance. Four people were arrested.

The incident took place in Rami Levy’s branch in the Binyamin Regional Council, between Jerusalem and Beit El and Ofra. The supermarket chain also maintains branches in Gush Etzion and Beitar Illit, as well as in a large number of urban centers.

The markets have been noted by foreign journalists as an example of co-existence, with Arabs and Jews shopping together. The supermarkets provide dozens of jobs for Arabs as well as Jews.

Wednesday's riot was over 10 minutes after police arrived but not before the rioters managed to achieve what appeared to be their immediate aim – to be photographed by accompanying photo journalists.

Several Palestinian Authority Arabs arrived to cause a provocation with photo journalists. They yelled and then left, Rami Levy told Arutz Sheva. He noted that his staff cannot prevent the entry of any customer so long as he passes an inspection at the entrance to ensure he is not carrying any weapons or explosives.

Attorney Betzalel Smotritz, who heads the Regavim organization that publicizes discrimination in favor of Arabs on issues of property and building, said the protesters were “trying to ignite the flames of violence.”

“The provocation exposes the simple truth that the anarchists and PA Arabs are against co-existence. I suggest they turn their attention to neighboring Syria,” Smotritz added.