Rabin memorial (archive)
Rabin memorial (archive)Flash 90

Organizers of an annual rally in memory of slain Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin have invited the head of the Bnei Akiva movement, Danny Hirshberg, to speak at the event.

The invitation stands in stark contrast to the first years after Rabin’s death, when many Rabin supporters blamed the religious-Zionist public in general for his death. Rabin’s killer, Yigal Amir, claimed to be motivated by political opposition to Rabin’s policies.

Hirshberg said Bnei Akiva will happily take part in remembering Rabin, despite political differences.

“If the Zionist youth movements are organizing a rally in the name of democracy and in memory of the Prime Minister, and are prepared to include the Bnei Akiva movement, which is a Zionist movement that believes in democratic principles, of course we will agree to cooperate and to look for the common denominator," he declared.

The rally is scheduled for Saturday night, 17 years since Rabin’s murder. It will take place in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.